Our Staff Team withholds the right to punish within the guidelines we have been given. These will not be given to or discussed with any players. 

We also hold the right to punish if we feel it is necessary in any situation. If ever in doubt, follow Wheaton’s Law. Google it.

By playing on The CubeVille servers, you acknowledge and accept the rules in place, whether you have or have not read them.


Rule Set A: Chat Offenses


The following Rules outline acceptable conduct within chat. Some more severe rules may give more clarification.


> Rule 1: Spamming within Main Chat

The Main Chat is a chat window that every TCV Player will see. Please do not fill it with any of the following:

  • More than 3 of the same (or very similar) message in a row

  • Jumbled Characters in one or more messages; or

  • Repeating the same word in a message multiple times.

These may also apply to Private Messages, at available Staff’s discretion. 


> Rule 2: Overuse of Capital Letters, or CAPS LOCK

This just makes Main Chat look awful. You may find yourself breaking this rule if:

  • Your message is mostly Caps; or

  • Your message mostly alternates Caps with normal text.

This Rule Applies to Main Chat and PMs.


> Rule 3: Excessive Swearing

We are an all-aged server. This should be common sense. Be polite, or say nothing.


> Rule 4: Flooding Chat 

Flooding chat makes it look awful as well. You will find yourself breaking this rule if you’re sending the same message multiple times in quick succession.


> Rule 5: Begging, or asking for items repeatedly

This is bothersome for players, because people don’t always give stuff away for free. If you are asking too much, you’ll get punished for begging.


> Rule 6: Questionable Chat Topics

Discussion of Inappropriate or controversial topics in chat is not permitted. Talking about Adult Themes (Ex: Sex, Drugs etc) is just one reason you can get punished for breaking this rule.


> Rule 7: Mini Modding

This is fulfilling the role of staff when the staff haven’t gotten to an issue yet. If you find an important issue, please message a staff member. Doing this repeatedly will get you punished.


> Rule 8: Insubordination, or Ignoring Staff Requests

Ignoring a Staff Member’s requests is punishable under this rule. If you’re asked more than once to drop a chat topic, you will find yourself receiving a punishment. Received Punishment is at the sole discretion of the Staff Member(s) online at the time.

> Rule 9: Discussing other servers

If you discuss other servers openly, you will find yourself punished by this rule. Do note that this may not apply when explaining events that have occurred there or on TCV.


> Rule 10: Implied Hatred toward others

Using offensive language toward others is not nice, or allowed on TCV. You will get punished for using any racial slur, or other inappropriate word.


Rule Set B: Moderate Infractions


> Rule 1: Toxicity

This is simple. Don’t ruin the server environment. People like to enjoy gameplay, not have it ruined. Staff can punish you for this if they feel you’re breaking too many rules at others.


> Rule 2: Harassment or Bullying

Be nice. That’s the bottom line. If you’re persistently mean or offensive at someone, punishments for this will apply.


> Rule 3: Self Harm or Suicide Discussion

Meaningless discussion about this can result in punishment. If you feel someone needs help please seek it.


> Rule 4: Encouraging Rule Breaking

Don’t Encourage others to break rules, for any reason. If any staff sees this happening, they will not hesitate to punish you appropriately. You have been warned.


> Rule 5: Moderate Hatred

This is more directed and offensive Hate Speech toward another person or group. Be polite to others, and don’t be a Keyboard Warrior.


> Rule 6: Links in Chats

Don’t post links in chat without approval, or them relating to TCV. This will not apply to Youtubers or Streamers who post stream links. 

> Rule 7: Soft Advertising

If you suggest to others to join a server with you, you can be punished for Soft Advertising. If you discuss/arrange something beforehand, this may not apply. 


> Rule 8: Trolling

Don’t make harmful jokes at others, even if it’s a joke, or it means nothing. 


Rule Set C: Severe Infractions


> Rule 1: Hacking, or using unacceptable game mods

Breaking this rule is not a good thing. If you have a mod and think it is of concern, please speak to a Senior Staff Member. We should be happy to help. Use Discord :)


> Rule 2: Threats

If you threaten to do anything that causes harm to another player or the server, even if you’re joking, you will get punished for making threats.


> Rule 3: Exploitation or Glitch Abuse

If you abuse any glitches or exploits, you’ve broken this rule. Be prepared for anything that may happen. Any reports of this nature can be directed to Senior Staff or the support network on Discord.


> Rule 4: Damage to Property or Griefing

Intentions to cause damage to another player’s property. This can include theft of items or breaking blocks without permission. Report to Senior Staff ingame or on Discord.


> Rule 5: Evading Punishments

If you Evade any Bans or Mutes, be prepared to receive a worse punishment. Any Mute or Ban is covered here, even if it’s for one second.


> Rule 6: Inappropriate Skins or IGNs

No Offensive, Racially Insensitive or Inappropriate Skins and IGNs are permitted. You must make a ticket in discord to appeal these bans. 


> Rule 7: Brutal Hate Speech

Any violent and directed Hate Speech is covered here. Reports can be made within Discord, or by messaging a Staff Member ingame.


Blacklistable Offenses


Case 1: Any Blatant Advertising by using an IP, however it is presented.

Case 2: Serious Threats to the integrity of one’s online presence, the server’s integrity or any violent threats made toward a player or group. This can cause legal problems too.

Case 3: Extreme Toxicity.

Case 4: Any Charging back of a Purchase on our webstore.